Getting back to journaling the old fashioned  way! 

I bought this journal a loooong time ago and found it yesterday while cleaning my sewing room. See, all clean now!

I’ve been seriously considering leaving social media lately and i dont plan to stay online with my goings on, but I still need to write little things and attach pictures to the little things I write about. Plus, I’d like something tangible to leave behind for my loved ones, so I’m committing to returning to old fashioned journaling, wish me luck! 😉

Frolicking Frock!

This is the same dress from my previous post. My $3 dress! I liked it just fine the way it was but lately I’ve taken a real liking to pockets on my clothes so I decided to add one. To do that, I took my scissors and cut off about 4″ all the way around the bottom. Then, I added about 3″ back to the bottom with a contrasting fabric I liked from a bed skirt. I like the rough edge look so I just top stitched the pieces together using the zigzag. Then, the piece that I originally cut off, I used it to make the pocket. I couldn’t resist adding a little trim (again from the bed skirt fabric) and a drawstring (since I like those so much as well!).

I like this dress so much, I wish a had a few more!  🙂